How does stress effect my spine?

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How does stress effect my spine?
Stress causes the vertebrae to gradually become misaligned. As a result, you may experience chronic back and neck pain as well as many other impairments. A professional chiropractor can adjust your spinal column, and restore your body’s natural processes, relieving stress and relaxing the nervous system.

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Pain and Inflammation


Is poorly managed pain and inflammation slowing you down and impairing your quality of life? The feeling of pain is your body’s way of telling you that there is inflammation present. Inflammation is associated with the classic symptoms of pain, redness, heat and swelling. Pain Quay Health Sydney Chiropractor AcupunctureIt frequently accompanies injury and tissue trauma, such as sprains, strains, cuts, bites and stings. However, what you may not realise, is that inflammation can be a contributing factor to many health conditions and is a key component in the joint pain of arthritis, back pain and muscular aches, digestive disorders such inflammatory bowel disease, period pain, and many types of headaches.

The Firelighters Within  The term inflammation comes from the Latin word, ‘Inflammatio’ which means to set on fire. Inflammation is like a small biological fire designed to ‘burn away’ harmful stimuli such as pathogens, allergens, injury or other irritants. It is a protective…

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Why do we get back pain?

So many people suffer from this and seeing a chiropractor for care will place you in the best position to remove the obstructions in your spine causing pain.

Energizing Life

Low back pain hits 70-85% of everyone. All have back pain that requires treatment of some sort at some time in life. On a yearly basis, the annual prevalence of back pain averages 30% and once you have back pain, the likelihood of recurrence is high. Back pain is the most common cause of activity limitation in people less than 45 years of age. Back pain is the 2nd most frequent reason for physician visits, the 5th ranking reason for hospital admissions, and is the 3rd most common cause for surgical procedures. About 2% of the US workforce receives compensation for back injuries annually. Similar statistics exist for other countries, including the UK and Sweden.

One reason is the biomechanics of the biped – that is, the two legged animal. When compared to the 4-legged species, the vertically loaded spine carries more weight in the low back, shows disk and joint deterioration and/or arthritis much…

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Tips on How to Avoid Stress – Chiropractic Central Lane Cove


Recently ITC attended a Stress and Meditation Workshop at Chiropractic Central. I have to say I was really impressed. In ITC’s previous life as a lawyer/corporate person I have sat through many workshops/seminars. I always say to myself, If I learn one thing I will be happy. I am pleased to say I took away many good ideas.  Dr Sarah MacNeil is a really entertaining and knowledgable presenter. Chiropractic Central is a family wellness centre providing evidence-based, holistic care for your mind, body and spirit. They specialise in wellness modalities including corrective chiropractic, core strength, spinal hygiene exercise, wellness nutrition and emotional intelligence.

Avoiding Stress is a multi pronged approached, three speakers talked about the different stress impactors.  ITC asked Dr Sarah MacNeil from Chiropractic Central to provide us with all the information she gave out at the workshop, and she has very kindly provided the notes for everyone.

Sarah Chiropractor Lane Cove


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