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I started going to a chiropractor beginning at the third trimester of my pregnancy.  Although I wasn’t carrying a big baby, or carrying big at all, it was so hard for me to do daily tasks without feeling severe back pain.  During my first visit, the doctor had a difficult time adjusting me because my muscles were cramped up due to all of the hormones that my body was producing.  After a few visits, I stopped having sleep disturbances or excruciating back pain that prevented me from doing daily tasks.

However, your joints are loose because of hormones called relaxin, it is so easy for your bones to be out of alignment again.  Therefore it is important to keep going.  Some people think that this is a technique on how chiropractors try to make money, but really- you do have a choice. If you don’t want to go back and…

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Thomas A. Taylor III, D.C.


Low Back Pain story worth sharing…this individual works at an MRI center and tracked his own MRI’s to determine his progress under chiropractic care. Notice the L4-L5 disc height before and after specific chiropractic care. Debilitating sciatica resolved, expensive back surgery averted, useless cortisone and facet injections avoided.  Let us remember that the body is an amazing self-healing, self-organizing system that needs no help only no interference. Thanks for the testimonial from the patient who followed and tracked his care with undeniable scientific evidence.

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Diabetes is the fifth deadliest disease in the United States and a growing epidemic worldwide. Now, researchers are finding evidence that chiropractic adjustments might be able to make a valuable contribution to an overall program of wellness care to help diabetes sufferers.

A study published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research (JVSR;, focused on the positive response to chiropractic when used as part of an integrative treatment in the care of a patient with adult onset diabetes. The disease was diagnosed by a medical doctor.

Along with chiropractic care, the patient also received nutritional and exercise guidance.

The chiropractic care was directed toward correcting misalignments in the spine, called vertebral subluxations, which affect the relationship between the nervous system and organs.

After one month of being on the program, the patient’s glucose blood and urine levels had normalized and remained stable. His medical doctor, who monitored his…

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6 Common Back Pain Causes

A variety of underlying conditions can cause painful back aches, but determining the root of your back pain is essential to your treatment. Below is an outline of the more common back pain causes to help you determine where to begin in your treatment. Be sure to visit a trained chiropractor who professionally handles back pain to help you determine the cause and best source of treatment.

1. Muscle strains and spasms are often a cause of lower back pain. This most common form of lower back pain from muscle spasms can be very painful. It may be mistaken for nerve pain when muscles constrict around a key nerve.

2. A ruptured intervertebral disc, also considered a herniated disc, is another cause of lower back pain. This occurs when disc material is protruding. Though bulging discs is common in many people without symptoms, if it does result in lower back pain, then treatment is necessary.

3. Discogenic back pain, or damage to the intervertabral disc without herniation, is another cause of back pain. Diagnosing this form of back pain may require a discogram.

4. If lower back pain occurs in the elderly, it may be derived from spinal stenosis. This occurs with age when the spinal canal is constricted from arthritis or other conditions. If the spinal canal is too tight, back pain may occur.

5. While arthritis is often thought to predominately affect joints in the knees and fingers, it can also affect small joints in the spine. Arthritis in the spine mainly flares up with movement.

6. Spondylolisthesis is the result of adjacent vertebra becoming unstable and “slipping.” This cause of back pain results from losing normal stabilizing structures in the spinal column.

Back pain can be a result of many causes, and the above causes outlined are simply the most common. Visit a professional chiropractor for an exam to determine the cause of your back pain and the best method of treatment.Image